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Bio-geometry of the Samkhalung Kirat Rai Mundum

 THIS POST IS FOR ALL OUR KHAMBU RAI WHO STILL HAVE A MISCONCEPTION THAT THE THREE HEARTH STONE REPRESENTS BRAHMA VISHNU N MAHESH.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE THREE ARE HINDU GODS WHO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR KIRAT HISTORY OR RITUALS. WE ARE NOT HINDUS !!! Bio-geometry of the Samkhalung For the purpose of simplification let us call the three main stones (lungs): Papalung: Symbolizes male ancestors Mamalung: Symbolizes female ancestors Ramilung: Symbolizes the society Outside the 3 stones (lungs), a 360 degree perimeter is created by placing 4 flat stones in all directions. These stones are placed such that each stone creates a further 90 degree angle. A flat stone is placed at the bottom of the three main lungs. This stone remains invisible since it is placed underground. The Stones in our Sanctum/Hearth provide a geometrical axiom that gives it balance and equilibrium to harness spiritual energies. The outer perimeter is known as the Saanglaakhepbu while the flat stone underneath is k