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The real ancient name of the world's highest peak in this ancient Kirat land in Nepal is Chomolungma. Mt Everest and Sagarmatha is not ancient name.

 (The name of the highest peak is not Sagarmatha and Mount Everest, but its ancient original name Chomolungma.)

 There is no doubt that the oldest human civilization in Nepal is the Kirat civilization. In the process, the hunter age started the agricultural age. Plants, plants, animals, etc. were increasing their closeness with nature,

Kirati people were familiar with this nature in the most ancient times. Therefore, Kirati people gave ancient original names to all things in the nature of this ancient Kirat land of Nepal in Kirati language. .

 But when people of Bharopeli population including Lichchavi, Malla, Sen, Shah entered Nepal from the Indian side of the ancient Kirat Land and occupied the kingdom of the Kirats in the ancient Kirat Bhumi Nepal. Shaktipith worshiped by Nadinala Kirats The people of certain communities who are close to the state power and the state power continued to engage in religious and cultural encroachment and usurpation by connecting them with their language, religion, culture and history. 

The real ancient name of the world's highest peak in this ancient Kirat land in Nepal is Chomolungma. Mt Everest is not Mt Everest and neither is Mt Everest. The indigenous Kirats here have named this highest peak in the indigenous  tribal language "Chomolungma" since thousands of years ago.

chomo = sharp/opened + lung = stone + maa = mother) means (opened/sharp/peak + mother + stone = chomolungma) literally means .

The world's highest peak (Chomolungma) was proved to be the highest mountain in the world when it was surveyed by the British India Map Survey Team. Therefore, it became famous worldwide by naming Mt Everest after George Everest, who led the survey team. ~ But the name of this highest peak (Chomolungma) is Raithane Mulvashi in Kirati language. 

Baburam Acharya in Sharda-Patrika (Year 4, Issue 8, 1938 AD) named the highest peak Chomolungma as Sagarmatha (Sagar = Heaven, Akash Matha = Head). . 

Thus, the Mulvashi Kirati (tribal) Raithanes, who lived in this ancient Kirat land and developed ancient human civilization, used the name Chomolungma for thousands of years. The Kirati name Paktalung Himal has been named Kumbhakarna. 

Mukumalung, which the Kiratis worship, is Pathibhara, Holaisung of Khotang, the historical cultural site of the Kiratis, has been made Halesi Than Mahadev Tirthdham. These are the names of all things related to Raithane history and culture in the language of the ancient Mulvashi Kiratis. There are plenty of examples of usurpation by the state power and certain communities that are close to the state power.

Similarly, Indian journalist  Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor-in-Chief of Indian Zee TV TV News, gave an expression with the claim that India should have its own claim on Mount Everest because it should be named Mt Sikandar after the Indian mathematician Radhanath Sikdar, who measured the height of Mt Everest for the first time. Showing the spirit of nationalism, there was a wave of opposing and abusing the Indian Zee TV editor Sudhir Choudhary. But why do foreigners like this on everything that is in the nature of Nepal's resources? Naming again and again? Or are they claiming their rights like this? If the Nepalese are to think deeply, then the rulers who entered this ancient Kirat land in Nepal from the beginning, under the guise of the power of the state, have created various mountains, mountains, rivers, streams, forests, 

In the ancient  Kirati language. This is the reason why ancient Kiratis are constantly encroaching on the place of worship and changing the names. Other foreigners are also claiming their rights in the name of the natural resources here. If this state power should have accepted all the natural resources, including the world's highest peak Chomolungma, by accepting the names of Raithane. 

If you look at the history of this world, no matter how the construction of any country is, no matter how the rulers of any country change over time, the original names of the mountains, mountains, rivers, forests, forests, mountains, rivers, forests, etc. 6.

~6 out of 50 states in the United States of America, 26 states have been maintained in the language of the ancient Raithane Native Americans. Similarly, the names of most of the places in Australia, the names of Nadinala Talatalai or natural places, are the names of the original Raithane language. are maintained from

Such examples can be found all over the world. If we look at the history of this country, the Mulvashi Kirat Raithane tribal people have entered the kingdom of Bharopeli people many times. Therefore, this ancient Kirat land in Nepal, the Mulvashi Kirat Raithane tribals here in the course of the development of human civilization, while becoming familiar with everything in nature, kept the ancient original naming, every mountain, mountain, river, forest, forest place, the ancient Mulvashi Kirati Raithane names could not be maintained. It's a sad thing.

~ That's why today foreigners are trying to claim and name everything here. Thus, changing the original Raithane names made from the ancient Kirati language of everything in the nature of this ancient land by the rulers is not just changing the name. Ancient history, ancient originality also ancient identity and ceased to exist to pass 

The mountains in the nature of Nepal are mountains, rivers, forests, animals, birds, trees, plants, plants, ancient Kirat times, Mulvashi Raithane, cultural sites, encroachment, usurpation, changing the name, not allowing its ancient Raithane name to remain, is to end its antiquity, history, originality, ancient identity, the existence of the country is in crisis. This is the name of the world's highest peak (Chomolungma).

Its original name is neither Sagarmatha nor Mt Everest. It is necessary for all Nepalis to maintain the ancient existence, history and originality of the nature of the mountains, rivers, forests, trees, plants, thanthapana, as a form of honor, by maintaining the ancient names of all things. If this can be done, only all Nepalis can be proud of the ancient history, originality and ancient existence of every natural resource in this ancient land. 

Mulghare Kancha (Razen Khimbule Rai)


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